What are the exact measures of the cocktail stand?

Height is 150 cm/4ft 11 inch, bottom diameter is 90 cm/2ft 11 inch, top diameter is 120 cm/3ft 11 inch. On both sides of the device the holder takes 10-10cm/3 inch, so the smallest door size that fits comfortably for the device is 150 cm/4ft 11 inch.

Do you need power supply?


Do you need pipe water system?


How much ice fits in the ice container?

120 kg/164 lbs.

Where can I place the cocktail stand?

Anywhere you like. Shopping malls, beaches, public spaces and events.

What permissions must be obtained for the maintenance?

The rental agreement for the specific location. Official authorization.

Can children consume the cocktails?

Yes, the alcohol free cocktails are for everyone between 0-100 years.

What should I do if I would like to franchise/rent a Cocktail Stand?
You should fill out an application form on the website https://mojitolemon.co.uk/franchise/