Welcome to the Mojito Lemon Team!

Mojito Lemon is a young and dynamic company dedicated to refreshing lemonades and cocktails, offering amazing taste, most delicious flavors to the cocktail lovers. The products we make are of high quality, made from fresh ingredients so the highest quality is guaranteed. The purpose of our company's foundation is to offer the best possible quality products to our customers, while continuously developing our products to meet their needs. We offer a wide selection of lemonade and cocktail syrups allowing us to customize our drink specials. Mojito Lemon is a company that focuses on quality and flavors so that all our customers are satisfied with our products. We hope you will like our company and products too!


We offer Quality Mojito Lemon cocktails based on our own recipe at each of our cocktail counters. Mojito Lemon cocktails are made locally at the cocktail counter and are suitable for all ages, you can find the flavor that suits your taste! Our non-alcoholic cocktails are all naturally healthy with locally added fresh lemons, limes and we make it with mint. Crushed ice ensures that you can enjoy a delicious chilled cocktail! Our alcoholic cocktails make it possible to ensure a good atmosphere during vacations, beaches, and relaxation! It is important that since the cocktail counters do not require electricity or water, that is why you can meet our Mojito Lemon cocktail counters even in extreme places. The world's first Mojito Lemon cocktail counter is a national and international model protected by copyright! Beware of fakes!

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Height 150 cm, bottom diameter 90 cm, top diameter 140 cm. 10-10 cm space on both sides of the equipment is occupied by the pull lever, so the smallest door size that can fit comfortably is 150 cm.

The Mojito Lemon equipment does not require electricity to operate!

Thanks to perfect developments, there is absolutely no need for water supply to our equipment.

The Mojito Lemon equipment has its own ice tank in which 100 kg of ice can be stored.

Anywhere. Shopping centers, beaches, public spaces, events.

Yes, we have a product specifically recommended for diabetics.

Yes, non-alcoholic cocktails can be enjoyed by everyone from 0-100 years old.