mojitoMojito Lemon Mocktails In the United Kingdom Started July, 2017.

Our business is taking place in the street food hospitality services. We are serving the most loved mocktails with years of experience at the Caribbean, Middle and North American area as well as also in European Countries. Our goal is to set-up our unique network of mocktail counters as it has no match in the United Kingdom.

The Mojito Lemon Franchise is protected by shape and model globally. In the United Kingdom we are registered as official trademark: WE00001135990

The Mojito Lemon Mocktails are hand-made at the stand and everyone can find their favourite drink through the flavours. Our mocktails are based on pure healthy ingredients including fresh lemon, lime and mint.

The crushed ice is taking care of the fresh feeling of  mocktails so our constumers can have the holiday’s feeling on-the-go. On private matters our alcoholic cocktails can handle the feeling of the party, beach holidays or just simply a good old rest anytime. The United Kingdom is more than suitable for Mojito due to the mostly good weather.

The Mojito Motto:

„If life gave you lemons squeeze it and open a Mojito Lemon Stand!”

Beneficial advantages of the mojito lemon mocktail stand supplied by us:

  • the setup of the stand does not require any preparations
  • the mocktail stand do not require any electricity, and as following the international trend it is eco friendly.
  • the stand do not require any wired water supply nor gas supply.
  • the maximum space the mocktail stand needs is less than 2 x 2 sqm2
  • Professionally unique ice holder inside the stand – keeps the crushed
  • ice cold up to the maximum freezing zone (0 C).
  • Low-Risk investment on the market, also one cup of mocktail is cheap to prepare. This way you can earn profit on every cup of mocktail that you sell and even more on the alcoholic ones.

The Mojito Lemon Mocktail Stand is a workplace and a core marketing material at the same time:

  • The stand was made on years of experience and the final current shape is creating attention to itself and stimulate everyone to consume.
  • The Stand is the same shape version of the drinks (including the straw) meaning it’s basically marketing it’s bigger self.
  • The stand is using it’s youth and lively colours and also the cup’s shape and additions to make itself favourized by the society in no time.
  • The Mocktails are affecting yourself to feel like you are on a holiday or on a beach.

Why and whom might find beneficial leverages of the Mojito Lemon?

Mocktail Stand in the United Kingdom and what business opportunities it has:

  • Who would like to have a professional drink catering business with low-investment.
  • With our leasing program you can rent a stand from us for years in advance for a discounted price.
  • Who would like to make the maximum profit by the large crowds.
  • Whose ideal job is to work on the beach